Original flavour

Kombucha Me Original is a unique, raw, health beverage whose taste is reminiscent of a light cider. It is made with the highest quality Chinese teas, and has a dense spectrum of bioavailable nutrients and medicinal benefits.

Bring back your balance with Kombucha Me Original.

– Fantastic as a digestive with any meal, enjoy 20 minutes prior to or after eating for optimal digestive aid.
– To boost energy levels throughout the day, enjoy on an empty stomach, and follow with equal amounts of water.
– Pamper yourself with a glass of Kombucha in place of beer, wine or soft drink. Alternatively, enjoy your alcoholic beverage with a mix of Kombucha Me to increase liver cleansing and restoration.

Kombucha Me Original:
checkmark No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, extracts or essences
checkmark No colourings
checkmark No preservatives
checkmark Raw – living friendly yeast and bacteria
checkmark Australian Made and Australian family owned
checkmark Low in sugar
checkmark Gluten free
checkmark Vegan
checkmark Great alternative to soft drinks & alcoholic beverages
checkmark Bulk buy available
checkmark Delivery across Australia’s major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more)


single = $5.50
6 pack = $25.00
dozen (12 bottles) = $48.00
2 dozen (24 bottles) =$82.50

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