Natural healers have relied on elderflower for thousands of years to treat asthma and allergies. Today, scientists and doctors are discovering the secrets behind this powerful healing flower. Traditionally used for detoxification purposes, elderflower may also help strengthen the immune system by clearing the lymph nodes.

“The greatest wealth is health.”

Kombucha Me Elderflower is fresh, crisp and slightly sweet . The Kombucha is fermented with quality Chinese teas then fragrant elder blossoms added at the final stages of production. Delicate and uplifting, Kombucha Me Elderflower can be enjoyed on its own or accompanying fine food.

Containing no artificial flavourings or sweeteners, this allows the delicious natural flavours of Kombucha to shine.

Kombucha Me Elderflower:
checkmark No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, extracts or essences
checkmark No colourings
checkmark No preservatives
checkmark Raw – living friendly yeast and bacteria
checkmark Australian Made and Australian family owned
checkmark Low in sugar
checkmark Gluten free
checkmark Vegan
checkmark Great alternative to soft drinks & alcoholic beverages
checkmark Bulk buy available
checkmark Delivery across Australia’s major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more)



single = $4.50
6 pack = $25.00
dozen (12 bottles) = $48.00
2 dozen (24 bottles) =$82.50

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