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We are proud to be a kombucha supplier in Sydney. We do wholesale kombucha to retailers across Australia with delight.
Providing to cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and even your local party.
Offer your customers some fresh, local and delicious Kombucha today! We provide our Kombucha in Cases of 24 (330ml bottles) and 19 Litre Kegs for on tap.​

kombucha me crate330ml Bottled Kombucha:
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6 Bottled Flavors: Chrysanthemum, Rose, Hibiscus & Goji berry, Elderflower, Ginger-Turmeric-Lemon and Oak aged Original flavour.



Kombucha Me keg on tap19L Keg Kombucha on tap: Approx 76 standard cup size servings per keg.
More than 15 Keg Flavors available on tap.
*made to order
*Keg services are for selected areas only
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