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More and more Australians are discovering the Chinese secret to health and vitality–Kombucha tea. Now, it is easier than ever for you to experience all of the remarkable benefits of Kombucha for yourself with our Organic Kombucha Concentrate Drops. In this compact mini bottle, we’ve packed a highly concentrated dose of probiotic yeast and beneficial bacteria that is present in Kombucha. Our unique vacuum concentration technique keeps these beneficial organisms preserved for maximum benefits.

Our Organic Kombucha Concentrate Drops:

  • Rich in probiotic microorganisms
  • Free from artificial additives, alcohol, sugar and caffeine
  • 50x more potent than standard kombucha
  • Aged in oak for a minimum of 6 months
  • loaded with macro-nutrients & antioxidants derived from the wood oak

To experience the nutrient benefits of Organic Kombucha Concentrate Drops, just mix with water or your favorite beverage and slowly sip throughout the day or while you work out. You can also place a few drops directly under your tongue for a natural detox. Also beneficial for balancing the moisture content of your skin, you can add a few drops to your favorite lotion or apply it with a cotton ball as a toner.

Perfect for traveling, our Organic Kombucha Concentrate Drops meets all on-board travel requirements from major airlines, so you can take your healthy diet and skin care regimen on the go.

No Artificial sweeteners or flavours / Organic / No colourings / No Preservatives / Raw –living friendly yeast and bacteria / Low in Sugar / Gluten Free / Vegan / Bulk Buy Available / Delivery across Australia’s major cities.

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4 reviews for Organic Kombucha Concentrate Drops

  1. J.Arnott

    Glad to have this product. very convenient to take kombucha around, especially when i’m out and about a lot.

  2. Peter.G

    I bought this a few months back and quite like this product.
    Been waiting patiently for you guys to get stock again!

  3. T. Johnson

    Finally back in stock today!
    Was waiting quite some time for this. I ordered the 6 pack and giving some away. Think it’ll be a great chrissy present. 😀

  4. Jessica.H

    Happy New year guys!
    When will you have the concentrate back in stock?

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