Kombucha Starter Kit


Simple and ready to brew pack
-Organic kombucha scoby mushroom
-200ml starter kombucha tea
-3 types of organic teas: pu erh, ti kuan yin & jasmine (choice of 2)
-Organic evaporated raw sugar
-Brewing vessel thermometer
-pH testing strips
-Downloadable Kombucha brewing instructions upon purchase



Easy, fun and cost-effective kombucha starter kit for making your very own kombucha at home! Everything you need to make your own delicious and healthful kombucha.

Our kombucha starter kits are hand-crafted in Sydney using the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients.

Our Kombucha starter kit:

  • Raw kombucha scoby mushroom + 200ml starter kombucha tea
  • Organic pu erti kuan yin & jasmine tea (choice of 2 for your kit)
  • Organic evaporated raw sugar
  • Pipette
  • Brewing vessel thermometer
  • pH test strips
  • Downloadable Kombucha brewing instructions upon purchase

For a secondary ferment ingredients – click here

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11 reviews for Kombucha Starter Kit

  1. Peter.M

    Love the kit!!!
    Thanks guys 🙂

  2. Jamie.M

    Got the Home Brew Starter Kit and brewed the very same day. Pure fun! Looking forward to drinking my first homemade kombucha. The kit is excellent!

  3. D.Hommes

    This kit is awesome! Even as a beginner, I’ve been able to successfully brew two batches of delicious kombucha. I experimented with straight up kombucha, the hibiscus, and elderflower, and they were all delicious! 🙂

  4. M.Ngo

    Can’t wait to start brewing. Started drinking Kombucha about 2 weeks ago and love it!!!!

  5. Marley.V.S

    I am really enjoying brewing my first batch of Kombucha! My SCOBY is doing well and is forming a baby! I really enjoy the clear directions that are given in the box for what you get.

    Great kit makes making your first brew super easy!

  6. B.Vanko

    I first received this kit as a gift, after making kombucha so easily i decided to get one for my brother. Now, he just loves it! I just finished brewing my third batch and I’m starting the fourth. This kit made everything so easy.

  7. John.T

    This kit worked great for me to start brewing kombucha. I am thinking about upgrading to a bigger container, love it!

  8. tina.K

    bought a kit a few months ago, very easy ordering. great customer service and quick replies.
    Ordered another 2 kits to send to my nephews and niece.

  9. Tammy.P

    Great gift! Kids loved watching it grow.
    Delicious brew with the supplied organic teas, will be ordering more for my continuous brew

  10. H. Wilson

    Cant wait for my very own kombucha

  11. N. Jenson

    I bought 3 kits last year. Great gift!
    I like how we can choose types of teas now. Hopefully, more varieties in the near future?

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