Kombucha Me Elderflower


Sparkling beverage kombucha
330ml bottles
Organic & all natural ingredients.

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Elderflower contains powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that help prevent cell damage. It is also comprised of several essential vitamins. The combination gives elderflower its anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antiviral properties.

Kombucha Me Elderflower is absolutely refreshing and delicious. The delightful honey-scented blooms, gives the kombucha a champagne feel. It pairs well with most foods. Have on its own or try our mocktail and cocktail mixes at your next party.

– Fantastic as a digestive with any meal, enjoy 20 minutes prior to or after eating for optimal digestive aid.

– To boost energy levels throughout the day, enjoy on an empty stomach.

– Pamper yourself with a glass of Kombucha in place of beer, wine or soft drink. Alternatively, enjoy your alcoholic beverage with a mix of Kombucha Me to increase liver cleansing and restoration.

“The greatest wealth is Health.”

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, organic raw sugar, organic black tea, organic green tea, elderflower petals/buds, organic live kombucha culture (S. Boulardii, Lactobacillus Bacterium).

No Artificial sweeteners or flavours / Organic / No colourings / No Preservatives / Raw –living friendly yeast and bacteria / Low in Sugar / Gluten Free / Vegan / Bulk Buy Available / Delivery across Australia’s major cities.

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4 reviews for Kombucha Me Elderflower

  1. Larissa.J

    My first kombucha is this elderflower brew.
    Unique and yummy!

  2. Wilson. T

    Very different, but i love it!

  3. T. Johnson

    Loved my Christmas present: a case of elderflower kombucha!

  4. Jamie. L

    elderflower is nice on a hot summer day

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