Globeamaranth blooming tea


A rich, high aroma and fragrant, robust strength tea.
For full flavour kombucha ferments or tea on its own.
Comes in a re-sealable foil pouch.
This product ships world wide.



Originally from tropical America, globeamaranth tea is used for oliguria, baby gripe, and diabetes. In Chinese medicine, globeamaranth tea helps eliminate phlegm, prevent asthma and shortness of breath, relieve cough and its symptoms, clean the liver, releasing tension, and enhance vision.

With its perfect form and shape, globeamaranth blooming tea is popular in artisan teas. Its infusion has a pure fragrance and this tea is best known to aid in liver detoxification.  High in antioxidants, this light crimson infusion releases tension and fatigue.

Origin: China (Fujian)

Our globeamaranth blooming tea:

  • High in antioxidants
  • Raises energy levels and aids in concentration improving focus and clarity
  • Aids digestion
  • Boost metabolism and burns calories to aid weight loss

Origin: China ( Fujian province)

Our globeamaranth blooming tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your kombucha brew or as an everyday drink.

*Discover new kombucha brews with globeamaranth blooming tea in combination with organic pu erh or ti kuan yin tea.

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