About us – Kombucha in Sydney

Kombucha Me is a family-owned Business in Sydney dedicated to bringing the ancient tradition of fermenting a living, probiotic tea into modern light of Australia. Locally brewed fermented Chinese teas, we blend only the finest artisan flowers to create a refreshing health tonic that’s packed with flavour!

Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, we value quality craftsmanship, health, well-being and local economic development.

We can live in an unbalanced world consuming antibiotics, toxins and dead foods. Let this live superfood stimulate your diet. Your body will appreciate the Probiotics, Beneficial acids, Enzymes and vitamins, which may promote a harmonious state of health.

We want Kombucha Me to help form happy, harmonious and healthy bodies of every Australian.

Wanting kombucha in Sydney?

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
~ Hippocrates