More than 5,000 years ago, the Ancient Chinese developed what they called Divine Tea by fermenting tea that had been produced from fresh tea leaves. Ever since, the Chinese have used this Divine Tea as a remedy for promoting good health.

Today, we call that tea kombucha, and this marvelous drink is helping people all over the world enjoy greater well-being (better digestion, improved assimilation and elimination, alkalising the blood are just a few to mention). Kombucha Me brings this traditional Chinese beverage to the West with our authentic kombucha in Sydney, Australia. We offer a number of ways for any Australian to experience the health benefits of kombucha, including our:

Sparkling Floral Beverages
A reminiscent of cider, our kombucha is handcrafted using the freshest of ingredients, including real flower blossoms, our kombucha sparkling fermented probiotic tea is available in two sizes and in five delicious flavours: Original, Elderflower, Chrysanthemum, Rose and Hibiscus & Goji Berry. Each drink is a true metabolism boost in a bottle, and we never add artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives to our healthy kombucha drinks. Our bottling process retains the living friendly microorganisms that give kombucha its digestion supporting properties, so you can get the full benefits of the traditional Divine Tea with every sip.

Organic Vinegars
Use kombucha to bring flavour and vital nutrients to your favourite recipes! Our vinegars are made by extending the ageing time of our all-natural organic kombucha brew. The result is a potent vinegar that can be used in salad dressings, marinades and sauces as well as a condiment that can be drizzled onto vegetables, meats and even chips! Sold in 250 milliliter bottles, our kombucha vinegar comes in an Original Organic Kombucha flavour and Organic Spiced Kombucha variety with ginger, turmeric and cayenne to give it a bold, spicy finish that will awaken your taste buds.

Concentrate Drops
For those who want to use kombucha as a supplement or haven’t quite acquired a taste for its unique flavour, our kombucha drops are an ideal solution. These vacuum concentrated drops allow you to get a large dose of probiotics with just a few drops under your tongue or added to a beverage. The mini bottles meet airline on-board travel requirements, so the drops are the ideal probiotic supplement solution for those who live life on the go. Use the drops daily or as a short-term cleanse and detox solution!

Home Brew Kits
Want to make your own kombucha at home? Our brew kit will give you everything you need to get started. Choose from one of five varieties: Goji Berries, Matcha, Elderflower, Hibiscus or Chinese Tea. The supplies come in easy-to-use resealable pouches, so you can make as much or as little as you wish at a time, and we also offer start-up cultures to meet your home brewing needs.
At Kombucha Me, we pride ourselves on providing only the purest, most authentic kombucha in Sydney, Australia. You’ll taste the difference no matter which of our premium quality products you choose. Discover the health benefits and delicious taste of kombucha for yourself by exploring our website.

Kegs for on tap
Our 19 Liter kombucha Kegs are a cost effective and environmentally-friendly way to serve Kombucha. Contact Us for more information.
*Currently, we only offer kombucha kegs to retailers.

Our Kombucha Difference

Compared to normal kombucha brewing, we age our kombucha in oak for a minimum of 4 weeks. Ageing our kombucha in oak is not only for improved aroma & taste, but to derive the macro-nutrients & antioxidants (ellagic acid) within the natural wood.

Kombucha liquid penetrates the wood oak and comes out again, repeatedly , thus infusing the kombucha with plenty of macro-nutrients & antioxidants from the oak. This would happen with any oak aged liquid, most commonly aged wines, cognac, bourbon & scotch whiskies. In the case of alcoholic beverages, it may be a risk turning a health benefit into a liability. With our oak aged kombucha, you can enjoy responsibly and have a healthy and tastier life.

We sell our kombucha in Sydney, Australia, and throughout the rest of Australia for wholesale and the general public.

checkmark No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, extracts or essences
checkmark Organic / all natural ingredients
checkmark No colourings
checkmark No preservatives
checkmark Raw – living friendly yeast and bacteria
checkmark Australian Made and Australian family owned
checkmark Low in sugar
checkmark Gluten free
checkmark Vegan
checkmark Great alternative to soft drinks & alcoholic beverages
checkmark Bulk buy available
checkmark Delivery across Australia’s major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more)

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We are pleased to offer kombucha in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia, to general public or wholesale to retailers and distributors.

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